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Loop of Pool


Loop of Pool

Global Sponsor Panel-Loop of Pool

Duckstairs Enterprises is an Event Management/Project & Recreational Organization.

 DuckStairs Events introduces Global Sponsor Panel-Loop of Pool, for Scheduled Events by Providing Corporative Perk Services.  LOOP of POOL Panel is Consists on Luminous Sponsors and Proposed Sponsors.

Fill this form and Open the infinite Horizon of Sales and Promotions through Content Marketing. 

Duckstairs offers sponsorship in three ways, First way is through proposed sponsor panel, duckstairs invites panel through e.mail for Event Opportunity Sales.

Second way is Luminous Sponsorship, Through this channel Duckstairs Advertise its Event Opportunity as an open offer for Global Companies who want to be part, so they can be joined.
Third way is  to fill this offered form, and in this way you will becom the part of Sponsor Panel. And Duckstairs will be responsible to Provide you all Events Opportunities for sale.


The history of Sponsorship started when civilized human societies took place. History of Sponsorship is based on three developmental Levels.

1- Sports Events Sponsorship Era. (330, BCE)

2- Corporative Exploded Era. 80s to 90s.

3- Marketing Strategy As Content Marketing Element from the last two decades( 2000-2022).

Now a days Sponsorship is an organized industry. All Events Companies requirement is sponsor panel for their Events. Duckstairs Events Management is  Organizer of their own Designed and Scheduled Events for every year, So the Sponsor Panel is top most requirement of scheduled Events. Both sponsor and sponsee gets advantage through event opportunity. Some researches shows that Sponsors Benefits are more than Sponsee.

In early times development sponsors were part of games. The explosion of Corporate sponsorship happened in the decade of the 80s to 90s. While recently, Marketing strategy as a Content part of Marketing. And according to recently known facts, Content marketing is the most perfect, Long lasting, Reliable, Reputable, and Comprehensive part of marketing. Content marketing is real and actual marketing that delivers Potential results.

Sponsorship is a Noun in Grammar.

Importance of Sponsorship:


Sponsorship is a strategy or discipline, Belongs to Marketing Business Culture, in this Strategy Event Organisers have a Higher financial Budget with two types of Purposes,

1- Business Promotions of Sponsors.

2- Promotion of the Event to achieve its Max Potential. 

Phenomenal Powers of Sponsorship:


1- Systematic Cognitive approaches for Business Access.

2- Connections Hospitality.

3- Audience access.

4- Affinity, Data.

5- Exposure to Max Media.

6- Commercial Advantages and Associations with Event Organizers. 

7- Public perception formation is possible, A perfect perception forms through Sponsorship, which is impossible to build in Sponsors’ companies on their own.

8- Powerful tool in the context of the Marketing Spectrum.

9- Dynamic Stand of Brand.

10- Dynamic & Phenomenal Impacts/Impressions.

11- Global Exposure.

Sponsorship in Marketing:


1- A Marketing Strategy.

2- A Marketing Discipline.

3- A Marketing Spectrum.

4- A Marketing Channel.

5- A Marketing Strategy.

6- Content Marketing.

Types of Sponsorship:


Sponsorship is of two types:

1- Proposed Sponsorship:

    This kind of sponsorship consists of the proposed sponsor panel which receives sponsorship invitation letters through e.mails.

2- Luminous Sponsorship:

    This type of sponsorship is an open offer to all Business Brands. Companies, States, Organizations, Foundations, and all the Corporate sector, Because of the deficiency of time, Proposed Sponsor invitations are impossible to forward Globally. So Through Luminous Sponsor Proposal, Sponsee gives an opportunity to global platforms. In this way, an opportunity for sponsorship marketing covers global Sponsor platforms. Luminous Sponsorship Offering media mod is through an ad in Social media.

Value of Proposed Sponsorship and Luminous Sponsorship is equal in participation level and different in Sponsor Package selection Level. Out put of beneficiaries from sponsorship depends on Package selection, Beneficiaries are according to selected Package. Scheduled, 

Benefits of Sponsorship:


1-Sponsorship creates dynamic connections with positive ideas.

2- Sponsorship Increases the impact your business has on people beyond awareness and promotions.

3- Reliable & Reputable Global Events like ( Robo-Sonic,

 and Tech Expo Istanbul/Turkey a Schedule Technology Platform, will be held annually) Sponsors Always get multiple advantages.

4- Sponsorship is part of Content Marketing.

5- Sponsorship Marketers are kings of Content.

6- Sponsorship builds impacts and impressions.

7- Sponsorship provides multi-max- plus advantages to the businesses.

8- Sponsorship marketers are actually content creators and managers.

Role of Content in Sponsorship Marketing:


Content Marketing is real form of Marketing. Events are part of Content marketing. 

Basic Forms of Content:


1- Text form of Content.

2- Image form of Content.

3- Video form of Content.

4- Sounds form of Content.

Content Creators:


Six human senses are basic and actual content creators.

Most Strongest Source of Content Marketing:


Animated Videos are strongest form of Content Marketing. Animations

meets well to the dynamity of content marketing.

Types of Content for Sponsorship:


All advertisement related content is part of content marketing for sponsorship, like, images, sounds, design, art, fashion, photography, modeling, angles and modes of presentations, backgrounds, color matchings according to theme of Events with collaborative presentations of sponsors companies needs and requirements. All these factors are direct part of content marketing. While culture, religion, history, traditions, trends, are indirect part of Content marketing. 

Duckstairs cares about Sponsors data and sets to its best up to the top management advertising standards through Event channelization on Global media.

Triangle Sponsorship According to Duckstairs:


1- Brand.

2- Content.

3- Max-Media.

Events are part of Content marketing, so they organized Sponsored

Brand Data through Event Marketing on Global Media.

Sponsors of Duckstairs for Robo-Sonic, Tech-Expo, and Scheduled Technology

Platform for Engineering Students, Istanbul/Turkey.

Accompanied by the services of corporative Perk these Sponsors will

receive extra services. (Duckstairs)

Sponsors of this Expo will receive a stream of new technology research-based

Projects,  this research project stream will help these technology companies in

the direction of future orientation. These technology companies have the

authority to give direction to future research. 

These Technology companies have opportunity to select research projects

teams for their staff as internees or further more according to their need.

This Expo will create Harmony and A bridge between new research and

developments, and their assimilation with civil society. For proper

channelization of these companies’ technology products to the market of sales

and Promotions.

And this is a Scheduled Expo that will be Organised every year and will provide

New Projects Streams to the technology companies every year.

The coming year’s Performance will be more good than the previous

year’s because Time is the best

buddy to remove weaknesses and deliver better results than the previous year. 

So the Significance value of Robo-Sonic, Tech-Expo as a Comprehensive

Event is Exceptional, Innovative, Creative & Future-Oriented.

This is a Reliable and Reputable Technology Platform. Heading forward

Collaboratively by creating a technology Sponsors Panel. 

Duckstairs Events Global is Technology Promoter through Events.

 ( Sponsorship Conceptual Clarity)(Duckstairs)

Corporate Sponsorship is a type of advertising, where Business companies

pay to the Event management company in the context of certain business

Promotional Events.

 Sponsorship as Content Marketing:(Duckstairs)

Corporative Sponsorship is a Content form of marketing. Because Event

marketing is content marketing when Events are Organised by sponsor

amount by business companies for the cause of business Promotion and

Exposure then Sponsorship is known as Content Marketing.

Corporative PERK Services:(Duckstairs)

Duckstairs Events Management Company Provides Corporate PERK

services in the Reverse of Sponsorship. Cooperative PERK consists of

twelve services, Packages of Sponsorship are three, Silver, Golden, and

Premium, for the Silver package takers there are four services offering a chart,

for the Golden package seven services are available while for the Premium

package takers twelve services are scheduled. 

The benefits of Sponsorship have reciprocal effects like the law of reaction in

physics, all actions reverse by reactions and the example of the ball, when we

forward a ball to a wall ball reaction comebacks with the same potential power

back to us, So the reaction of Sponsorship is Parallel in its practical ground of


 Benefits of Sponsor to Business Companies:(Duckstairs)

The benefits of sponsorship to business companies are multiple and Dynamic

Events Management Companies can provide these benefits to business

Sponsor Companies.

Business Companies can enhance image and visibility, and an opportunity

to differentiate the company from competitors and help to develop

closer relationships with recent and potential/prospective customers.

Showcase of company brand with services/products.

Event Organisers provide stalls to the Sponsor Companies as their

representative desks. Duckstairs have Tech-Affiliate Panel  for the sale

of Technology Products. Duckstairs Purchases technology

Products through B to B model and sales through Tech-Affiliate Panel,

by B to C model. 

Nowadays Benefits of Sponsorship are doubled Because the audience

of any Event is of two types Physical audience and a Digital audience.

The benefits of exposure and presentation are more than before with the

arrival of digitalization.Now Events are Global events because of


Branding fit, mission alignment, and business growth are other plus

beneficial parts. Corporate Sponsorship provides immediate customer

response. Sponsorship is a marketing strategy that is up above all types

of prejudices.

Benefits of Sponsorship to Event Management

Company: (Duckstairs)

Event Organisers Organise Events with the Sponsored amount, one Event

implies multiple, Dynamic, and long-lasting effects,

1- Social activity, Business activity.

2- Exposure, integrity.

3- Data, Promotions.

4- Experience, Perceptions.

5- Art of Management and Organisations.

6- Max-media Coverages.

7- Digital media, Physical media.

8- Event Magazine.

9- Profile Ranking.

10- Global Exposure.

11- Future Orientations.

12-  Potential links and Connections/Relations.

13- Parallel Business Growth.

 Element of Dynamity and Integrity in Sponsorship:


Sponsorship Essence is very Dynamic and has multiple Dimensions for Both

Sponsor and Sponsee. Integrity in Sponsorship comes because this is up

above the cultural, language, state, and all types of boundaries. The essence

of Sponsorship has Universal value and mechanism. Positive long-lasting

impacts and impression development on consumers’ cognitive mapping

make it Dynamic. And the neutral approach of applying forms makes it Integral.

Sponsorship is equally important all over the world and up above prejudice.

So being a neutral element this is an integral and universal direction of


Measures of Comprehensive Events:


Sponsors want to give Sponsorship to Comprehensive and Global Events.

So it is essential to understand the measures of Comprehensive Events.

1- The event should have Global Caliber.

2-  Proposed Sponsor Panel should be Global.

3- Exposure of Events should be Global.

    (through physical and digital audiences)

4- The Niche of Events should be Renowned, Authoritative, Purposeful,

and Target oriented.

5- The location of the Event should be an Accessible and well-known Place.

6- Scheduled Events (Happen every year) are more Good to Sponsor than

single Time  Events.

7- Event Company must have their own Global Media Panel. 

Distinction of Duckstair for Sponsors:

Duckstairs Event Management/Projects & Recreational Organizations Global

always brings self-design, new, dynamic, creative, and innovative base

Futuristic and scheduled Events for our Business Partners and Global

audience. Duckstairs considers the Global population as one Panel.

Duckstairs believes that, Avoid deviations and promote affiliations for

achievement of target exactly and on time.

Collaborative efforts for target achievements are more effective and potentially

result oriented.

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